Post-congress course ”Utilities bows as a tool in biomechanics”

Пост-конгресен курс “Utilities bows as a tool in biomechanics“


Hotel “Granit”, Ohrid

Congress Hall А

09:00-17:00 (08:00-09:00 Registration)

Dr. Oppermann obtained his Orthodontics Specialty Certificate in 1993 from Dentists Association of Sao Paulo and master degree in oral sciences focus in orthodontics in 2003 from SL Mandic dental School – Campinas – Brazil. Dr. Oppermann has been involved with the Bioprogressive and Sectional Mechanics Studies. His connection to Dr Robert Ricketts years ago and presence in several studies on those subjects help this development. Dr. Oppermann’s knowledge in growth and development of the human craniofacial complex together to Ricketts cephalometric analysis and diagnostics system gives another perspective to treatment planning. He is also involved as adjunct speaker professor at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Apart of those attributions Dr. Oppermann is an active and enthusiastic professor and lecturer, being visited many countries for teaching with articles published based on Bioprogressive Therapy field.


Dr Nelson Oppermann, DDS, PhD


Lidija Kanurkova                        Gabriela Kjurchieva-Chuchkova

Igor Kirovski                                Ivan Iliev

Radmila Dimovska                     Irena Gavrilovic



  • 09.00-11.00h -Basic knowledge for growth and development of cases of class II; When to intruded or extruded teeth during treatment for Class II?
  • 11,00-11,30h – Discotheque break
  • 11,30-13,30h – Reimbursement of utilities lacquer for the treatment of Class II; Presentation of clinical cases
  • 13.30-14.30h – break Lunch14,30-16,00h – Practical display application utilities arcs and their indication; 3D control of the incisors, expansion liners.

The course will be defeated method for bending arches tipodonti utilities with fixed orthodontic braces in order to master the art of adapting liners in various types of anomalies. This allows biological tooth movement and reduce friction forces, leading to the application of the forces applied in orthodontics to close to the biological.

This way of moving teeth, who has not stumped periodontium of tooth gives better results and stable, with no great burden.

Necessary instruments to be taken by the participants of the course:

Omega Loop

  • Weingart  
  • Nance Step Plier
  • Torque  
  • Bird Beak
  • Large de La Rosa (Orthopliers)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Mathieu Plier
  • Scaler
  • Explorer



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