Call for Abstracts


The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the programme. Abstracts should be submitted in English. Please find below instructions for preparing the abstracts.

Due to the process of registration it is obligatory to register for participation before submitting the abstract(s).

Online Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted only via the congress web site where you will be taken step-by-step through the submission process. Abstracts sent by email, post or fax will not be accepted.

Abstract Submission and Format

Contact details of the presenting author, abstract title as well as authors and affiliations are filled in separately in the online abstract submission form.

All abstracts should be type in Times New Roman font, 12 points size with “МК” support for macedonian version. The title of the paper is limited up to 15 words in maximum with CAPITAL LETERS.  Abstract for Oral or Poster Presentation is limited up to 250 words maximum. Every participant may submit two papers and the number of coauthors participating in the paper should not exceed 4.

The abstract text should be organized into the following structured format: Aims, Materials (or Subjects) and Methods, Results, Conclusions (a statement such as “the results will be discussed” is not acceptable). Tables, figures and graphs are not permitted in abstract.

After submission, the article will be sent to experts for review. If the article is accepted, you will get a confirmation e-mail for acceptance and the presenter has to pay the registration fees, otherwise the paper will not be included to the program.

Topic Category

Select one of the Congress themes below:

  1. New horizons and treatment solution for Class III malocclusion
  2. Eternal dilemma: Where orthodontists stand today for extraction versus non-extraction therapy
  3. Inovation in Skeletal Anchorage
  4. Free topics

Presentation Preference

Select preferred presentation type in the online abstract submission form

  1. Poster
  2. Oral

Abstract Submission Deadline

The deadline for abstract submission is 15.03.2016. Abstracts received after this date cannot be accepted.

Link to online Abstract submission.