POST – CONGRESS COURSE CAD-CAM, miniscrews, corticotomy, aligners, lingual orthodontics

New chances in orthodontic therapy: CAD-CAM, miniscrews, corticotomy, aligners, lingual orthodontics


Nunzio Cirulli has many fields of interest and his biography is fulfilled with many accomplishments. He graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Bari in 1995, become  Master of Science in Orthodontics  at University of Insubria – Varese, Italy in  1999 and his PhD degree  in “Orto-Fonato-Rino-Gnatodonzia”, University of Bari (Italy)  in 2004 with the thesis: Lingual orthodontic treatment, fixed prosthetic therapy and splint therapy in patients with advanced periodontal disease: a clinical and radiological study. Other fieds of interests are low-friction orthodontic techniques , use of  nickel-titanium auxiliaries  for intrusion in fixed orthodontics , osteoblastic activity-effects on the reabsorption-deposition (coupling) sequence, aesthetics of oral and perioral tissues.

He attended the Orthodontics departments of the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, the University of Ulm and the University of Santiago de Compostela. He has participated in clinical and research work in many  national and international congresses and he is an author of publications in  national and international specialized journals and he is a memeber of the Editorial Board of the Journal”Progress in Orthodontics” and “ Journal of Patology” from 2007.  He  has hold Orthodontic Courses in various Italian and Foreign Universities.

He was Professor a.c. at the University of Padua for 2008/2009,  at the University of L’Aquila in 2009/2010 , at University of Bari for 2015-2017.

Private Practice limited to Orthodontics in Bari, Italy.

He is a member of the Italian Society of Orthodontics, of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics, of the Society  Italian Linguistic and Aesthetic Orthodontics, of the EOS and World Orthodontic Society.


Dr. Nunzio Cirulli, D.D.S, PhD
Bari, Italy


The Aim is to illustrate features and advantages of complete 3D management in orthodontics using CT Cone beam, intraoral and face scanner.

New generation of CT Cone beam for dentistry allows to visualize and analyze 3D images of jaws, teeth and soft tissues of the patient.

After a single exposure it is possible to match the DICOM file obtaining a 3D cephalometric tracing and a superimposition on stl file from intraoral scanner to perform a customized setup of the malocclusion. In this way it is possible to simulate not only the movements of the crowns but especially of the roots, with respect of the real bone limits of the patient. Matching these data with the soft tissue of the patient from the face scanner we are able to have the entire virtual patient, in order to better analyze the case, to make a prevision of the expected results or to perform growth prediction without any other irradiation.

On the digital setup of the malocclusion can be virtually positioned the brackets, in order to make a customized transfer system for indirect bonding, that is very important especially in lingual orthodontics.

The intraoral scanner allows to obtain solid casts of the dental arches of the patients, by using a cad-cam technology and stereo-lithographic machines. With specific procedures and dedicated software it is also possible to design and produce different fixed orthodontic appliances, without having any stone model, in a full digital workflow.

The new possibilities offered by CT Cone beam and digital scanner allow to make a full and accurate 3D planning for orthodontic treatments, from diagnosis to indirect bonding, using a single x-ray exposure for the patients.

This workshop will give the background of orthodontic digital technology and provide the current “state-of-the-art” of 3D orthodontics.


Program of the Post Congress Course


3D management in orthodontics using CT Cone beam and intraoral scanner:


3D planning for orthodontic vestibular and lingual treatments


Coffee break


Project of custom digital orthodontic devices

Different way to cooperate with dental Labs


Use of miniscrews in daily practice:

  • How and when
  • New biomechanic


Corticotomy with piezo surgery:

  • How and when


Lunch break



  • Opportunities and limits


Coffee break


Lingual orthodontics




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