Prof. Gabrela
Kjurchieva Chuchkova DDS, PhD

Dear colleagues and friends,

You have certainly been informed of the joined 4th Congress of MOS and the 3rd Congress of BAOS, which will take place in Ohrid, from 12th to 15th of September, 2019 – and maybe you have already registered yourself!
Do recognize the opportunity of pre-registration and benefit hugely from this offer. If you already did, please pass the information to a friend – the more colleagues arrive in Ohrid, the merrier the Congress!
Let’s be as numerous as the grains in a pomegranate – the fruit we have chosen as a logo for the Congress.

Why the pomegranate?

Because it is beautiful, reminding of the beautiful colors of the Balkan under the crown of the sun. Because in consists of chambers and many vivid grains inside them – just as the countries and the nations of the Balkans – divided in one way, but also unseparately living together. The pomegranate symbolizes health, fertility and eternal life. Let’s all of us gather under the “crown” of BAOS, as numerous and vivid as the grains of the pomegranate; let’s fruitfully foster the orthodontic science and bring healthier life to our patients!
Let’s smile together.

Another occasion to gather, learn and enjoy is waiting for all of us in September 2019! Ohrid and MOS will welcome the orthodontic community from the whole Balkan and beyond, to participate at thejoined 3rd Congress of Balkan Association of Orthodontist Specialists (BAOS) and 4th Congress of Macedonian Orthodontic Society (MOS).
I cordially invite you to keep updated with the news for these forthcoming events, and certainly reserve the dates from 12th – 15th of September, 2019, to come to Ohrid.


Prof. Gabriela Kjurchieva Chuchkova, Phd
President of Macedonian Orthodontic Society
President of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Congress of MOS and 3rd Congress of BAOS


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